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Nasim Sobh Farda Company has been able to achieve its goals with the support of technical knowledge Which is the result of years of effort and experience in the gas industry, as well as the latest technologies in the world through the company's connection with scientific and academic resources.

Some of these Goals are listed below :

1)A turning point in the gas industry as well as industries related to petrochemicals and refineries

2)To significantly increase the quality and efficiency of the company's products and also increasing the scientific and professional level of the employees

3) To significantly increase your scope of work and coverage in various services

4) The company has experience in supplying tool steels and other engineering alloys

5) This company is the only company with the ability to provide heat treatment services in atmospheric control furnaces and vacuum furnaces in the region.

7)It also has an average capacity of 2000 tons of thermal operational services.

Nasim Sobh Farda Co. will provide industry owners with a variety of gases, especially hydrogen, And also copper alloys and alloy steels, and a new generation of German tool steels.


The sensitive and key industries of the country have the experience of using High-quality products Which is provided by Nasim Sobh Farda Co.


Some of the target industries that are using the services of Nasim Sobh Farda Company


Chemical industry

Gas production and processing equipment and also feed the gas supply and process unit


Steel industry

Supply of gas production and processing equipment and Also supply of gases used in the steel industry


Food industry

Supply of gases required by the food industry and also provide solutions to increase the shelf life of products


Medical and laboratory industries

Supply of gas and gas production equipment used in medical affairs And also implementation of medical gas facilities of medical centers and laboratories


Supply of energy required by different industries

Design and construction, supply of new energy equipment, providing solutions to optimize energy consumption in various industries, including research and academic centers and other centers can be done


Water and Wastewater

Supply of methane gas digesters from wastewater , supply of oxygen production and aeration equipment in wastewater treatment

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