Air Products joins European Clean Hydrogen Alliance/ Nasim Sobh Farda

Collaboration is critical to unlocking hydrogen’s full potential, says Air Products as it joins the European Clean Hydrogen Alliance

The Alliance was established by the European Commission to create the foundation for a viable and competitive EU industrial hydrogen network.

With expertise across every aspect of the hydrogen for mobility value chain, Air Products said it is well positioned to support the European Clean Hydrogen Alliance’s aims of connecting renewable and low-carbon hydrogen production, transmission and distribution as well as demand from industry, mobility and other sectors.

“From production to distribution to stations, we know about hydrogen and the vital role it can play in the EU energy transition,” said Caroline Stancell, Air Products’ European Hydrogen for Mobility and Energy Transition General Manager.

“We also know that – to unlock its full potential – collaborating with other experts in the hydrogen value chain is critical.”

“Joining the European Clean Hydrogen Alliance brings together important voices that can and will make a big difference in achieving a thriving hydrogen ecosystem in Europe.”

Source: gasworld

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