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What is carbon dioxide?

  • Carbon dioxide is a combination of two oxygen atoms with one carbon atom.
  • At atmospheric pressure and temperature one, carbon dioxide is colorless and odorless.
  • Carbon dioxide is 1.5 times heavier than air and non-reactive and non-toxic and does not burn.
  • In the presence of water, It makes carbonic acid (H2CO3 ) Forms.
  • Carbon dioxide at the triple point and a temperature of -56.6 0C and also a Pa pressure can be in the form of liquid, gas, or solid at the same time.
  • At temperatures below the triple point; Carbon dioxide can be in both solid (dry ice) and gaseous forms.
  • The most important source of carbon dioxide production is burning fossil fuels.
  • Carbon dioxide is the most important greenhouse gas that warms the Earth’s atmosphere.
  • Global warming is due to greenhouse gases that considered to be the biggest human problem in the present age.

Available grades:

% 99.8-% 99.99-% 99.995

Carbon dioxide storage tanks:

  • Carbon dioxide is transported and stored as liquefied flat gas in conventional cylinders as well as cryogenic liquefied gas in cryogenic chambers.
  • Carbon dioxide is solidly weighed between 0.45 kg up to 22.7 kg in plastic bags or paper bags with very heavy paper, then transported in a heat-insulated tank.

Compatible and incompatible materials:

  1. Dry carbon dioxide is an almost neutral and inert gas.
  2. The use of all industrial metals doesn’t have a problem with the presence of carbon dioxide in environmental conditions.
  3. Most polymers can be used in the presence of carbon dioxide at room temperature


Molecular Weight 44.01
steam pressure  5778K. Pa @ 21.1 0C
Gas density  1.833Kg/m3 @ 21.1 0C and 1 atm
Latent heat evaporates at boiling point and 1atm 234.5 KJ/Kg
Specific heat capacity at temperature

25 0C

At 1 atm

CP=0.850 KJ/Kg.0C

CV=0.657 KJ/Kg.0C


Critical temperature 31.10C
Critical pressure 7381.8 K.Pa
Solubility in water  0.90vol.(gas)/Vol.(Water) at 200C and 1 atm
Explosion / ignition range in air  Non-Flammable Gas


Material Compatibility of Carbon dioxide





StainLess Steel











Viton® Buna-N Neoprene Polyurethane





S – Satisfactory for use with the intended gas
C – Conditional. May be incompatible under some circumstances or conditions Contact your Praxair representative for additional information
U – Unsatisfactory for use with the intended gas
I – Insufficient data available to determine compatibility with the intended gas
O – All nonmetalic, even those considered compatible, may be ignitable in oxygen enriched environments or in other oxidizing gases. Successful
use depends upon oxygen purity, pressure, temperature, cleanliness and elimination of ignition mechanisms. Please contact your Praxair
Representative for additional information

Classification of dangerous Products:

Dangerous Products Transport Information:

(For refrigerated liquid)   :UN 2187

UN 1013 UN 1013 UN 1013 UN NUMBER
Carbon dioxide Carbon dioxide Carbon dioxide UN SHIPPING NAME
2.2/(dry-ice)9.1 2.2/(dry-ice)9.1 2.2/(dry-ice)9.1 TRANSPORT HAZARD CLASS
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