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Heat treatment under the controlled atmospheric furnace

  • Heat treatment is one of the most important processes in the production of industrial parts, Also it’s designed and executed in accordance with the expectations that we have for the performance of a part of its physical or mechanical properties.
  • Nasim Sobh Farda Group of Companies is ready to perform a wide range of types of heat treatments in Atmospheric control furnaces on steel and cast irons and also non-ferrous alloys. We Offer automotive, oil, construction, steel, and special industries :
  1. Carburetor (gas cementation)
  2. Annealing, normalization, hardening and tempering, hardening and stress deposition of copper alloys due to the very wide range of mechanical and physical properties have a wide range of applications, from drilling systems in oil up to special parts with special electrical transmission or disc Resistance welds are all made from copper alloys. Beryllium copper alloys for use in plastic injection molds are the most efficient tool to increase productivity in the plastics industry.
  3. Aluminum bronze is considered a superior alternative that much more durable bronze phosphorus, including copper superalloys, which are supplied by customers according to the dimensions or drawings desired by customers. Aluminum bronze bushings are made by centrifugal casting and therefore This method doesn’t have the common casting defects in traditional castings such as Macs.
  4. In addition, due to the more precise control over the dimensions and also the reuse of machining parts, reasonable price is another advantage of our product over the samples available in the market.

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