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What is hydrochloric acid?

  • Hydrochloric acid is a gas that vaporizes strongly in the presence of moist air and has a very irritating effect on body tissues.
  • This gas has a very nasty, shooting, and suffocating smell and is transported in pressurized cylinders in the form of compressed gas with steam pressure 42 times at 21.1 0C.
  • In dry conditions, hydrochloric acid is inactive and non-corrosive.
  • It becomes very corrosive if it is exposed to hydrochloric acid in water.
  • HCl is rapidly dissolved in alcohol and ether.
  • At 1782 ° C, hydrochloric acid tends to decompose into its constituent elements, H and CL.

Available grades:

% 99.9995-% 99.999-% 99.995-% 99

Tanks and maintenance:

  • Dry hydrochloric acid is transported as gas in pressurized cylinders and tube trailers.
  • Cryogenic tanks are used when transported in liquid form.
  • The maximum weight allowed to charge HCl in the cylinders is %65 of the weight of the cylinder intake.

Compatible and incompatible materials:

  1. Pipes, valves, and other equipment for direct use with hydrochloric acid must be made of stainless steel or cast steel, or low carbon steel.
  2. In some cases, carbon steel can also be used, provided the temperature is controlled and does not exceed 129 ° C.
  3. In the presence of HCl moisture will eat most metals.
  4. Teflon is resistant to this corrosion.
  5. Smaller valves, such as those used on cylinders, are made of aluminum-silicon-bronze or Monel dose with HCl.

Molecular Weight 36.465
steam pressure 4227 K. Pa @ 21.1 0C
Gas density 1.634 Kg/m3 @ 0 0C and 1 atm
The latent heat of evaporation at the boiling point  443.1 KJ/Kg
Special heat capacity CP=0.8118 KJ/Kg.0C

CV=0.5757 KJ/Kg.0C


Critical temperature 51.40C
Critical pressure 8260 KPa(a)
Boiling point   -850C 
Explosion / ignition range in air Poison Gas

Material Compatibility of Acetylene




StainLess Steel











Viton® Buna-N Neoprene Polyurethane



GAS Updating Updating Updating Updating Updating Updating Updating Updating Updating Updating Updating Updating Updating Updating Updating Updating Updating

S – Satisfactory for use with the intended gas
C – Conditional. May be incompatible under some circumstances or conditions Contact your Praxair representative for additional information
U – Unsatisfactory for use with the intended gas
I – Insufficient data available to determine compatibility with the intended gas
O – All nonmetalic, even those considered compatible, may be ignitable in oxygen enriched environments or in other oxidizing gases. Successful
use depends upon oxygen purity, pressure, temperature, cleanliness and elimination of ignition mechanisms. Please contact your Praxair
Representative for additional information

Classification of dangerous Product:

Dangerous Product Transport Information:

(For refrigerated liquid)   :UN 2186

UN 1050 UN 1050 UN 1050 UN NUMBER
Hydrogen chloride, anhydrous Hydrogen chloride, anhydrous Hydrogen chloride, anhydrous UN SHIPPING NAME
2/3.8 2/3.8 2/3.8 TRANSPORT HAZARD CLASS

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